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The Kehr Management Consulting GmbH develops management training programs and consults companies undergoing change processes. Our USP is that our training programs and consulting activities employ techniques based on the latest findings from research into leadership and motivation.
Our flagship product is the LbM—Leadership by Motivation—compact training program. The core concept behind this program is the 3C-model, developed by the company founder, Professor Hugo M. Kehr. "3C" represents the three Components of Motivation: head, heart, and hand. This metaphor evokes concepts recognizable to most cultures. Thus, it is especially suitable within the transnational leadership context of global companies. In fact, LbM-training programs have already taken place in four continents,

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our company, the LbM-training program, and our consulting activities:

Phone: +49 174 700 66 11
E-mail: info[at]kehrmc.de